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Miller Time!

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Ryan Miller - god of ice


November 8th, 2006

A look into the person behind the mask. And of course his opponent for the playoffs. Miller is still the best!

Just another video to see more of the ppl behind the helmets.

pretend interview


some kids school project but its still cool to see Ryan right after a game!

November 2nd, 2006

(no subject)

I was listening to the radio this morning and Danny Briere was on doing the weekly sabres report. There was a few minutes of discussion on Ryan Miller, so I am posting it here. Apparantly Ryan's jersey is the top selling one right now. And according to Danny, Ryan will actually sign and give you the jersey off his back! Now I have no idea the accuracy of this, but if its true, what an awesome guy! He must really appreciate his fans! So, if Ryan ever reads the posts here: I would like a signed, well, anything!

Good luck tonight and Saturday!

Here is an article about Ryan being named NHL's First Star. Congrats!!

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